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The Indonesian National Police in a joint press conference with Interpol announced the arrest of three Indonesian hackers who had compromised hundreds of international e-commerce websites and stolen payment card details of their online shoppers.

the modus operandi behind this series of attacks involved exploiting unpatched vulnerabilities in e-commerce websites.

Painemo Island, Blue Lagoon, Raja Ampat, West Papua Indonesia

The Hackers tried to secretly implanted digital credit card skimming code on those compromised websites to intercept users’ inputs in real-time and steal their payment card numbers, names, addresses and login details as well.

The police revealed that the suspects used stolen credit cards to buy electronic goods and other luxury items, and then also attempted to resell some of them at a relatively low price through local e-commerce websites in Indonesia.

all three accused hackers are aged 23, 26 and 35 years old, 

were arrested in December 2019 from Jakarta and charged with criminal laws related to the data theft, fraud, and unauthorized access.

While they managed to perform successful attacks against unsecured servers the way they used the data to buy luxury stuff for themselves and also try to sell expensive products for cheap in Indonesia made it relatively easy for the authorities to track them down and stop them.

Another thing that helped the law enforcement forces to track them down was the fact they left a unique message in each site they hacked in Indonesian. 

In todays world successful hackers not only need to be professionally good in order to execute successful cyber attack campaigns but they are also required to keep their identity hidden and make sure they use the funds being stolen in a way that is not traceable.

Ther health care industry is a target for hackers for a long time.

medical pills industry factory and production indoor

Health care institutes carry both financial opportunities as well as large amounts of sensitive data, this combination makes health care organizations popular target for cyber attacks.

A new research indicates that Two thirds of healthcare organisations suffered cybersecurity incidents in 2019 in the USA.

it also states that USB sticks and connected internet of things devices are among the biggest threats.

The new report that was made by Clearswift, examine data breaches and cyberattacks against healthcare organisations. 

Hacking attacks using different phishing methods that are usully transferred by emails are not longer the biggest threat to health care networks.

The report indicates a change in the preferred way of hackers to perform cyber attacks. 

Since there are so many Internet of Things devices connected to the internet and many of them are connected to private networks automatically than one infected device like a smart watch can infect multiple private networks and deliver cyber attacks in a way that requires much less efforts from the attackers.

All the security experts agree that internet of things devices attacks are going to grow and become more frequent.


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