ATM jackpotting

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In this special podcast we will focus on cyber attacks known as ATM jackpotting. this type of attacks is gaining popularity and worth taking the time to get to know it better and understands.

You probably seen movies where the ATM starts to spit out cash to the street with no reason. 

well, in the last several years an attack type called ATM jackpotting is becoming popular and this attacks becomes more frequent.

ATM jackpotting is the exploitation of physical and software vulnerabilities in automated banking machines that result in the machines dispensing cash

With physical access to a machine, ATM jackpotting enables the theft of the machine’s cash reserves, which are not tied to the balance of any one bank account. Thieves who are successful and remain undetected can walk away with all of the machine’s cash.

this type of attacks have been seen all around the world, one of the more famous cases was of russian gang that had internal knowledge about ATM vulnerability and they flew to other countries to exploit ATMs and got back to live in Russia.

unlike some of the other types of cyber attacks, catching criminals attacking ATMs is usually simpler process as there are many physical evidence and usually the places have multiple cameras recording the incidents while they are happening.

Usually to perform such attack, attackers install the malware via an access point on the ATM, such as a USB outlet or exposed network that they find. The code to perform the attack is also surprisingly affordable; hackers have been carrying out attacks around Europe using Russian software that costs $1,000.

simple search on search engines yields many results related to ATM software so even if ATM software considered to be complicated, everything including simulators of different ATMs can be found on line many times as open source.

So the next time you hear about ATM spitting money, remember the name,

ATM Jackpotting 

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