28.11.19 – Cyber News Update

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The podcast is aimed at professionals who are short on time, or for anyone who would like to know a bit more about what is REALLY happening out there in the cyber world.

The focus of this podcast will be on the latest cyber events for non-technical people; anyone can listen and understand.

Zynga is an American social game developer running social video game services from the United States with many popular mobile social games.

Zynga reported that a cybersecurity incident had taken place and account login information for certain players of Draw Something and Words With Friends may have been accessed. 

The company did not give any details on the hack or number affected, but said it has taken steps to protect the accounts in question.

Pakistani hacker published on the dark web series of files containing information about 218 million gamers and their personal information.

this is another breach that shows the uprising trend of hacking in to corporate and enterprises to get details instead of focusing the cyber attacks on the SMB and home users.

Zynga has launched an investigation and hired third-party forensics firms to help it, it also reported the incident to the law enforcement. 

As a precaution, the gaming firm has taken steps to protect these users’ accounts from invalid logins.

Users of the Words With Friends game, should change the password for their account and also on any other services that share the same credentials.

It was just after 11 p.m. when drivers in the nourthbound lanes of I-75 saw something more than a little unusual on a nearby billboard: pornography, WDIV reported.

It’s still unknown if the billboard was hacked or if the video was played by a company employee, but police say it’s possible that charges could be filed, according to the news outlet.

Hacking billboards is common and its happening more and more, in the past we have seen it happening all around the world, in Airports in the UK, in Vietnam, in Iran and in 2016 a 24-year-old IT analyst was arrested after officials say he hacked into an electronic billboard in Jakarta, Indonesia, and streamed a pornographic video because he was “bored in traffic,”.

another incident was in 2018 when Commuters in Perth, Australia, faced a similar issue when the homepage of pornography website PornHub was projected on an electronic information display in a high-traffic pedestrian area.

it seems that public billboards defacements are gaining popularity because they are an easy and relatively vulnerable target.

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