21.11.19 – Cyber News Update

Welcome to the CyberCure Bi-Weekly podcast transcript.

This podcast will give you a summary of the latest news related to cyber intelligence and proactive cyber security in only a few minutes.

The podcast is aimed at professionals who are short on time, or for anyone who would like to know a bit more about what is REALLY happening out there in the cyber world.

The focus of this podcast will be on the latest cyber events for non-technical people; anyone can listen and understand.

Doordash is popular food ordering app founded in 2013 in the USA, in September 2019 they chose to publish that 5 months ago they had data leak which included the personal details of 4.9 Million records of the app users.

The company chose to blame an unnamed “third-party service provider”, though no specific provider was named. 

We can see more and more companies that being hacked choosing to blame thier suppliers and vendors instead of really looking what is wrong with them. 

DoorDash announced that since the breach occurred, they removed access to the data from the third-party, added additional protective security layers around the data, improved security protocols that govern access to DoorDash systems and brought in outside expertise to increase the company’s ability to identify and repel threats.

This is not the first time that the delivery service has come up related to a data breach. Nearly a year ago to the day, DoorDash customers reported their accounts had been hacked. The company denied it was aware of the data compromise and offered credential stuffing attacks as the likely source.

So, ask yourself, are you still considering giving your credit card to DoorDash ?

a couple in the US was left stunned when a hacker broke into their connected home and started talking to them via camera, played vulgar music on the video system in the living room and even turned thermostat.

According to Fox 6 News, the incident happened with a Milwaukee based couple who felt anything but safe after a hacker took over their smart home. Samantha and Lamont Westmoreland realized something was seriously wrong when they began to hear a voice via a camera in the kitchen.

The couple had installed a Google Nest system (camera, doorbell and thermostat) in their house in 2018. An year later, Samantha came home one day and found that the thermostat had been turned up to hitting the house.

A Google spokesperson told FOX6 News: “Nest was not breached. These reports are based on customers using compromised passwords (exposed through breaches on other websites). In nearly all cases, two-factor verification eliminates this type of security risk”.  while this story might be a bit funny and didnt cause any real harm the truth is that with over 75 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices expected to be in place by 2025, the cyber security concerns are only going to be increased with more and more critical systems connected and innovative proactive solutions are needed.

That’s it for this podcast, stay safe and see you in the next podcast.

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