14.11.19 – Cyber News Update

The post is aimed at professionals who are short on time, or for anyone who would like to know a bit more about what is REALLY happening out there in the cyber world.

The focus of this podcast will be on the latest cyber events for non-technical people; anyone can listen and understand.

Two New York men hacked the personal information of 50 North Jersey public employees, mostly police officers, and posted much of it online, authorities said.

During a months-long investigation by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office Cyber Crimes Unit, it was determined that a citizen was unlawfully accessed a secure database of a New Jersey medical services company and unlawfully copied the personal identifying information (“PII”) of approximately 50 public employees. The data was then used to accomplish the 38 online doxings. 

Doxing  comes from a spelling alteration of the abbreviation “docs” (for “documents”) and refers to “compiling and releasing a dossier of personal information on someone“. Essentially, doxing is revealing and publicizing records of an individual, which were previously private or difficult to obtain.

Demant, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hearing aids, expects to incur losses of up to $95 million following what appears to be a ransomware infection that hit the company During September 2019. 

This marks one of the most significant losses caused by a cyber-security incident outside of the WannaCry ransomware outbreak — known to have incurred companies like shipping giant Maersk and courier service FedEx losses of over $300 million, each.

in a short statement on its website, the company said it was shutting down its entire internal IT infrastructure following what it initially described as “a critical incident.” What really happened on the company’s network, we’ll never know, as Demant never revealed anything except that its “IT infrastructure was hit by cyber-crime.”

The company has said that, thanks to their quick response, data back-up was overall intact, enabling them to recover in a structured and efficient way.”

however, it seems that even if the company did responded to the incident in timely manner it still had A impact on the company’s network and seems to brought down the IT system of the multinational hearing technology group.

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