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A cybersecurity breach at a Florida senior care provider went unnoticed for two years and impacted patient data, while it might sound like a long time it is estimated that the average time to detect a successful cyber attack is 1.9 years.

Cano Health Operates primary care clinics and pharmacy services for senior patients in Florida. it offers medical and dental treatment centers to meet all the needs.

In April 2020 the organization discovered that some email accounts belonging to its employees had been compromised by threat actors.

After investigating the incident, the healthcare company found that the accounts had been accessed multiple times in a prolonged security breach that took place between May 18, 2018, and April 13, 2020.

The cyber-incident came to light on April 13, when some messages received by one of the compromised accounts were forwarded to a third party outside of the company. Cano Health found that a total of three employee accounts had been compromised and subsequently took steps to secure them. An examination into the breach revealed that an unknown person or persons may have accessed patients’ personal information.

The information in the compromised email accounts included patient names, dates of birth, contact information, healthcare information, insurance information, Social Security numbers, government identification numbers, and/or financial account numbers.

Cano Health said that patients who may have been impacted by the breach would be notified in writing. The company advised these patients to “regularly review and monitor their personal information, accounts, and benefits statements.” The company is offering complimentary credit monitoring services to patients whose financial information may have been affected by the data breach.

This is unusual hack, The attackers have all the data they need to perform identity theft but since these are early people they are even easier target,

So if you know someone who used Cano HEalth services in the last 2 years, you should warn them to be vigilant and pay attention.

The USA have HIPPA regulation , which supposed to keep patenites data safe, was this organization in comply with HIPPA ?

We will keep updating on new developments.

Interesting news coming this week from Taiwan as Taiwan claims to fend off China’s cyberattacks on eve of presidential inauguration.

An intense cyber war reportedly took place across the Taiwan Strait on the eve of President Tsai swearing-in on May, as she embarked on a second term. 

A spike in cyber attacks from China was detected, targeting computer systems of the state-run oil refiner CPC Corp. 

Such activities are traditionally expected around the day of Taiwan’s presidential inauguration, which is intended to cause disruption to society through compromising government agencies, infrastructure facilities, and financial institutions.

The incident triggered an emergency response from Taiwan’s cybersecurity entities on the Cabinet level, leading to a series of self-defense measures. 

The counter-effort was spearheaded by the National Center for Cyber Security Technology. according to reports from Taiwan.

Taiwan afraids from China for long time, while no one can say for sure what really happened during these dates we do know that countries many times publish reports that looks like the government is doing good, we have seen this happening with countries such as USA,Iran,Israel and many other countries.

If you were wondering, no comments received from China.

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