31.10.19 – Cyber News Update

Alibaba group from China specialising in e-commerce and is running several of the biggest online brands on the internet started long time ago at 1999 by Jack Ma and 17 of his friends.

The company’s founder and former executive chairman, who have been just recently stepped down from his official roles in the company spoke in a convention and revealed that alibaba is dealing with more than 300 million daily.

In 2019, Alibaba faced an extensive cyberattack that threatened to compromise the accounts of 20 million users on its Taobao e-commerce site. The company had detected the attack quickly due to its advanced tech capabilities. According to Jack Ma, Alibaba’s smart intelligence has a high success rate and it is superior to prevent malicious online behavior. it sounds like Jack Ma is certain that alibaba corporate is smarter than the hackers and thats why they stop all the cyber attacks.

however, many times successful cyber attacks are covert and it can take years untill they are found out. 

The Czech Republic is located in Europe and was under high profile cyber attack during mid 2019, the Czech daily Denik N reported that the cyber attack on the Foreign Ministry had taken place in June but that no confidential data was compromised. Citing three sources, the paper also said the attack had originated in Russia.

The Czech foreign ministry in particular has become the target of hackers’ attacks.

Interesting to note is that the Russia was blamed for the cyber attack until a new report by the Czech government published and pointed China as the one who was behind the major cyber attack at a key government institution in the Czech Republic.

It is also intersting to note that while the Czech Republic claims no damages happened from the cyber attack The Czech cabinet has met to discuss the findings. 

surfing the internet can reveal much more details if you are interested.

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