The Amazing untold story behind the July explosions in the middle east

Here is a bizzare set of incidents that happened recently,

Connecting the dots between several events reveal a story that is better than any holywood movie out there, two countries fighting a cyber war publicly for the first time in history.

this theory is gathering more and more followers in the internet who thinks that this really happening and that a full cyber war is really happening between Israel and Iran.

It is up to you as the reader, to read carefully and decide whether its just the fantastic imagination of security analysts that invented this story or if this story really did happened in reality.

On July 15th, 2019 during morning time in Israel, huge explosion heard and seen in the heart of Israel.

The explosion happened inside a compound belongs to commercial company producing weapons called Israel Military Industries or in short, IMI.

As you can imagine IMI is built like a fortress, there are armed security guards and several layers of security making sure terrorists wont be able to even get close to sensitive areas where they produce different types of ammunitions and weapons.

Many citizens reported of seeing and hearing this huge explosion, many emergency services spotted going into the explosion site after it happened. several hours later the factory released a short statement saying that a warehouse storing smoke grenades exploded due to some unknown conditions and there were no injuries or casualties.

Leaked video of the huge explosion that took place was published on the internet.

Video of the explosion in Israel IMI factories, does this looks like smoke grenades to you ?

Couple of hours after and Benjamin Netanyahu the Israeli Prime Minister released twitter statements focusing on Iran, no one but him appear to know the reason for the timing of this statements.

The first message was a tweet released two hours after the explosion and said: “Iran says they will destroy Israel and they will use Nuclear weapons for that. Currently , The only army that fights Iran is the Israeli Army”.

The original tweet, saying Israel is Actively fighting Iran to prevent them from getting nuclear weapons.

Several hours passed and the prime minister released another tweet, sending a message to some unidentified people.

In the second statement the prime minister said: “apparently the people in Europe will not wake up and see the danger from Iran until Iranian nuclear missiles will start falling in Europe. By then it will be too late. Israel will do anything it can to prevent Nuclear weapons from Iran anyway.”

The actual tweet

This second statement , in just one day during his elections campaigns looked like it was targeted to specific people out there. Some cyber security experts claims it was a message to Iran that Israel knows they were standing behind cyber attack that caused the explosion in the military compound.

Around 22:00 at evening, huge explosion shocked Latakia city in Syria and caused a blackout, Official sources from the Syrian government said it was main electric transformer that exploded and caused large blackout.

One of the tweets describing the events in Syria that night.

This three incidents mighty seems to be isolated one from another,

but what if they are not ?

a source of OSINT revealed a theory few days ago that makes more and more security experts to think it is correct.

The Story goes as follow:

On July the first, 2019 Israel forces performed a massive attack against Iranian forces in Syria, the attack was aimed against offensive activity that the Iranian planned to shoot missiles and send unmanned drones against civilians in Israel.

The Iranians are using proxy forces in Syria to hide their actions just like they do in Yemen against Saudi Arabia.

In one night many strategic offensive assets of Iran were destroyed including ballistic missiles and drones, this made Iran to decide to retaliate but in a sophisticated way that will not be seen as Iran attacking directly.

Iran used Syria to launch a cyber attack against the IMI factory and the result (or part of it ) of the attack was huge explosion that many people saw and heard in Israel for great distance. Iran responded by sending a clear message to Israel that they can retaliate and will not sit quietly.

IMI and Israel officially released a claim that it was a smoke grenades warehouse that was exploded.

When Israel analysed the attack and realised that the cause for the ‘smoke’ was because of an Iranian Cyber attack originating from Syria, thats when the Israeli prime minister went to twitter again and sent the Iranians and Europeans direct public message.

Israel who knows that in the middle east you can not show weakness, decided to retaliate with the same manner, a sophisticated cyber attack was launch against the main electricity facility in Latakia at Syria.

while ago , it was published that Syria transferred some of the harbour residing in Latakia city to the Iranian forces and now a devastating blow made by cyber attack that caused a black out.

Huge fireball in the skies was sighted for a great distance and leaving the city and Iran controlled harbour without electricity for hours.

This story got backed by different sources who claimed that it really happened.

It is up to you, to decide wether we witnessed two countries fighting a cyber war or whether it is just the imagination of people that comes up with stories that never happened.

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